Bible Search & Index opens in another window to allow you to refer (or switch back) to the original text of interest while searching key words and phrases.

1) Search results will include a link to the book(s) where the key word or phrase is found.


2) Key words or phrases will be highlighted in bold following the chapter and verse reference (e.g., 2:5 ) on the search results page.  Key words or phrases that do not have a verse reference can be found in the chapters/verses preceding or following the

nearest chapter and verse reference.


3) You may also want to utilize your browser's "find" function to highlight ALL search matches.

Note: The "search results page" is a limited list. (We are working to improve search results). To find EVERY MATCH of a key word or phrase, it is recommended that you click on each book listed on the results page and then use the "find" function in your browser to highlight every match in that book.

Additional Search Tips

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